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On Guard, in Trouble: Correction Officers and Substance Abuse

Correction officers are a vital part of a lawful society. It is their job to watch over those who were judged and sentenced. They protect civilians from those prisoners, they protect prisoners from each other. Oftentimes, they protect prisoners from themselves. It is a tough [...]

Corrections Officers and Mental Health

When we think about law enforcement and mental health, many people picture police officers. Yet, according to studies, prison workers have a high rate of mental health issues. In fact, some studies show a higher rate of mental health problems in corrections officers than in [...]

PTSD and Substance Abuse: What Is the Correlation?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects those who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. Whether it is due to their job, combat experiences, natural disasters, or sexual assault, people with PTSD are more at risk for substance abuse issues. What is the correlation and why [...]

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Learning to Cope, Live, and Thrive with PTSD

When you think of someone who has PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), you may think of a soldier of war who has endured unspeakable torture or seen horrendous deaths while in a battle, but the disorder encompasses so much more. Educating yourself about the causes of [...]

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The Impact of Mental Illness on Police Officers

Over the past few years, preserving the mental health of police officers has become a significant priority. The impact of mental illness on law enforcement, including issues surrounding addiction, is more apparent than ever. After all, these professionals are at high risk for developing poor [...]

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Veterans and Substance Abuse: Why Is It So Prevalent?

Statistics on substance abuse show high numbers. Yet, the figures for veterans and substance abuse show higher statistics and these numbers continue to grow. This begs the question of, "Veterans and substance abuse. Why is it so prevalent?" PTSD and Substance Abuse One of the [...]

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Police Substance Abuse: Police Trauma and Addiction

Police officers deal with stress and trauma on a daily basis. Their grueling schedules are just part of the problem. Police officers deal with fatalities, rapes, child abuse, domestic violence, and more. All this combined paints a part of the bigger picture of why substance [...]

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Veterans’ Mental Health: 7 Facts and Stats That We Need to Address

Growing awareness about PTSD has led to more support for veterans than ever before. But post-traumatic stress disorder is far from the only struggle impacting our veterans today. In an attempt to manage their suffering, many veterans turn to substance abuse. And getting help [...]

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We Need to Make It OK to Talk About First Responders Mental Health

It's not difficult to imagine that first responders need mental health support. The things they experience every day would keep anyone awake at night. The difficult thing for the first responders is talking about mental health support. Then doing something about it. First Responder [...]

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First Responders and Mental Health Issues

First responders ensure that someone is there for you in a disaster. EMTs, lifeguards, firefighters, police officers -- the title of a first responder covers many jobs. Since they are first on the scene, it takes a toll on their mental health. Here is a [...]

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