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Mental Health Treatment for First Responders, Military, and More

Most Americans view military members and first responders as heroes. Unfortunately, they typically don’t understand the intense stressors faced by those in these careers. Repeat exposure to traumatic situations can result in mental health issues. Though these issues are sometimes debilitating, PTSD associated with professions [...]

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Help for Service Members and Their Families

Even if a service member doesn’t serve in combat, the stressors of military life are many. Some of those who join the Armed Forces complete their duty and go back to normal lives. Unfortunately, many bring battles home with them. In some cases, this can [...]

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First Responder Addiction Treatment Rehab

First responders are a collective group of community servers who help victims of trauma, violence, and other abuse. They include firefighters, law enforcement officers such as FBI agents and police officers, paramedics, military personnel, lifeguards, security guards, federal agents, U.S. marshals, rescuers, and Red Cross [...]

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First Responders and Compassion Fatigue

The demands of being a first responder are exhausting, but these heroes willingly accept that reality. Unfortunately, sometimes this goes beyond typical stress and anxiety. Research has recently increased focus on first responder trauma, and we have even advanced our understanding of compassion fatigue. This [...]

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Most Vets Don’t Know What Mental Health Services VA Offers

Mental health is an important concern for everyone. Whether you're a veteran who served during active wartime or not, you may have benefits that help you take care of yourself physically and mentally. Find out more about veterans' access to mental health services below. What [...]

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Mental Health Care Options for Veterans and Their Families

Current service members and veterans often face different mental health issues than the general population. The global war on terrorism has been ongoing for two decades. As a result, approximately one in five veterans returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) [...]

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Health Benefits and Issues for Veterans

Military veterans often put their lives on the line for their country, witnessing a wide range of scenarios that significantly affect their physical and emotional health. The aftermath of war and combat can result in lifelong health issues, which often require ongoing treatment. Although there [...]

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Struggles with Addiction During the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

You have probably seen the news circulating about the type of person who may be more susceptible to the Coronavirus.  Among these: the elderly, those already suffering from health issues, and more recently, those on a particular medication. It is not hard to see why [...]

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