First Responders

Daily Tips to Help You Cope With First Responder Trauma

Providing care for others in the event of disaster, accident, crime, or terrorist attack requires resilience. For first responders, this is their daily life and routine. No matter how they feel that day, they have to show up strong and ready to rescue and provide [...]

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First Responder Addiction Treatment Rehab

First responders are a collective group of community servers who help victims of trauma, violence, and other abuse. They include firefighters, law enforcement officers such as FBI agents and police officers, paramedics, military personnel, lifeguards, security guards, federal agents, U.S. marshals, rescuers, and Red Cross [...]

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First Responders and Compassion Fatigue

The demands of being a first responder are exhausting, but these heroes willingly accept that reality. Unfortunately, sometimes this goes beyond typical stress and anxiety. Research has recently increased focus on first responder trauma, and we have even advanced our understanding of compassion fatigue. This [...]

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How To Handle The Holidays If You’re Newly Sober

If you're newly sober, there are times when it is difficult to remain so - especially during the holidays. We understand. You are surrounded by friends and family partying or just enjoying a few drinks with dinner or during festivities. It is also a [...]

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What You Need to Know About EMS PTSD

When you think of emergency medical services or EMS, you most likely think of the first person there to help- and you'd be exactly right. EMS makes up a lot of different job titles. From ambulance drivers and 911 responders to triage nurses, these [...]

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911 Dispatcher Stress- How to Recognize It and Support a Colleague

A 911 dispatch room is a frontline service even though it is sometimes considered backroom work. The staff encounter people when they make that initial 911 call and listen to harrowing details over the phone. They have to get information from distressed folk and [...]

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First Responder, Top Priority: Paramedic PTSD and Addiction

First Responder, Top Priority: Paramedic PTSD and Addiction Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians are in one of the highest-stress jobs in the world. Every day, these brave men and women are the first people called on in medical emergencies. They are under enormous pressure [...]

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We Need to Make It OK to Talk About First Responders Mental Health

It's not difficult to imagine that first responders need mental health support. The things they experience every day would keep anyone awake at night. The difficult thing for the first responders is talking about mental health support. Then doing something about it. First Responder [...]

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First Responders and Mental Health Issues

First responders ensure that someone is there for you in a disaster. EMTs, lifeguards, firefighters, police officers -- the title of a first responder covers many jobs. Since they are first on the scene, it takes a toll on their mental health. Here is [...]

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