Police Officers

The Blue Line: Substance Abuse Among Police Officers

In this country, we rely on the men and women in blue to keep us safe from all manner of dangers. The members of our police forces stand ready and willing to serve and protect at every hour of every day. Yet, for many, [...]

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The Impact of Mental Illness on Police Officers

Over the past few years, preserving the mental health of police officers has become a significant priority. The impact of mental illness on law enforcement, including issues surrounding addiction, is more apparent than ever. After all, these professionals are at high risk for developing [...]

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Police Substance Abuse: Police Trauma and Addiction

Police officers deal with stress and trauma on a daily basis. Their grueling schedules are just part of the problem. Police officers deal with fatalities, rapes, child abuse, domestic violence, and more. All this combined paints a part of the bigger picture of why substance [...]

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Police Officers and Mental Health: What is Being Done?

Law enforcement officers protect us. They respond to tragedies and emergencies on a daily basis. As a result, the stress they face on the job can affect their own mental health. Here is a guide to police officers and mental health and the treatment [...]

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