Roll Call Training

Helping to educate law enforcement on proper procedures when dealing with substance abuse or mental health issues.

The Help For Our Heroes Training is an up close and personal conference breakout session as well as an in-service training for fire, police, dispatch, telecommunicators, probation, corrections, and military. This training showcases how first responders suffer in silence and are afraid to ask for help from their employers. This session will guide and direct the first responder how to ask for help as well as the employees’ rights to the First Responder Medical Leave Act and how it pertains to public service. This will be an in-depth look at what first responder therapy looks like and how to acquire it to lead a successful life. All over the country, first responders are suffering and committing suicide. This training will not only show the first responder who may be struggling how to ask for help. But also for their partners and supervisors who recognize there may be an issue with PTSS, mental health, gambling, alcoholism, or drug abuse.

Time Allotted: Two Hours (2)

Target Group: Fire, police, personnel, dispatchers, telecommunicators, probation, corrections, and military

Instructors: Detective Richard Wistocki (RET.), Naperville, Illinois Police Department Carlos Farina (RET.), MS, MCAP, NBCCH, Army Veteran/Broward County Sheriff’s Officer

Method of Inst: Class room/Conference center

Items/materials: Please bring agency business cards to share contacts

Instructional Objectives: Upon completion of the training exercises, participants will:

  • Learn how our jobs as first responders can cause us to become affected by PTSS, mental health issues, gambling, alcoholism, or drug abuse
  • Examine why first responders DO NOT ask for help
  • Discuss the Pros and Cons of leaving your state to go to treatment
  • Learn about FMLA and how the public employee is protected when they ask for help
  • The conversation between employee and supervisor when asking for help
  • Discuss the methodology of The 4 Pillars of Reporting
  • Learn how Human Resources must respect all confidentiality surrounding your issues
  • How treatment is covered by insurance

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Detective Rich Wistocki (RET.)