Veterans DayVeterans Day is one of our country’s most sacred holidays. It’s a time for people everywhere to pause for a day and reflect on the importance and courage of the brave men and women around the world who have served to defend the country and the things it stands for.

However, many people around the nation may be wondering some different things about the holiday – how it started, what it commemorates, and various other elements surrounding Veterans Day. To clarify those, we’ve put together this guide with questions (and answers) to Frequently Asked Questions about Veterans Day.

Here are some of the more common FAQs:

  • When is Veterans Day? Veterans Day takes place in America every year on November 11th. It is a Federal Holiday, so many offices and schools get closed (along with non-essential government offices). Something important to remember: if Veterans Day falls on the weekend, the observed holiday may be different. If it falls on a Saturday, the holiday usually gets scheduled on that Friday; if it is on a Sunday, it generally gets celebrated on that Monday.
  • What is the correct spelling of Veterans Day? We will use the correct spelling of Veterans Day throughout the article here. Please note the accurate spelling. To commemorate the entire population of veterans, the correct spelling is Veterans Day and NOT Veteran’s Day. You will often see the second, misspelled version across social media and public places.
  • Was it always called Veterans Day? You may encounter seniors and others who remember the holiday as “Armistice Day.” In fact, the name was Armistice Day up until its change in 1954.
  • Why did the name of the holiday change? The holiday was initially meant to commemorate the end of World War I – specifically, the Armistice that ceased hostilities in 1918. However, after World War I and the conflicts that followed (World War II and the Korean Conflict), a movement arose to utilize a name that was far more inclusive for the veterans of other conflicts.

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  • What is the history of Veterans Day? As we stated, the holiday came into existence to honor the signing of the armistice that stopped hostilities between the Allies and Germany in World War I. Note that that did not officially end the war; that would not take place until the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. The first unofficial commemoration of Armistice Day took place with Woodrow Wilson’s message to the nation on November 11, 1919. Seven years later, in 1926, Congress took action. The governing body recognized November 11th as the end of World War I, and the official, legal holiday came into existence in 1938.
  • Do any other countries celebrate Veterans Day? Other countries around the world have similar types of celebrations honoring veterans and the end of the first World War. British Commonwealth countries (like Australia, Canada, and England) celebrate Remembrance Day on November 11th. It is often commemorated with the wearing of a “remembrance poppy” on the clothing. In many other countries, Armistice Day – recognizing the end of World War I – is the holiday’s name.
  • What is the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day? This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and one of the most important ones. There is a clear distinction between the two different holidays in the United States. The difference? Veterans Day is a day to celebrate and honor the service of military veterans for all conflicts. Memorial Day is a day to remember and honor the sacrifice of men and women that have died in military service.
  • What are the elements that go into Veterans Day commemorations? Different communities will do different things to honor Veterans on this day. There may be parades, local government honors and ceremonies, periods of quiet remembrance, or different events that take place to recognize and honor veterans’ service.

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