5 ways to celebrate Veterans DayAs we approach Veterans Day, many people around the country may be looking for ways to honor the brave men and women that have served in defense of America. The nation can never give enough thanks to these courageous souls who have stood up against tyranny and evil to defend the ideals of America.

If you’re looking to celebrate the veterans you know on this Veterans Day, there are several different ways to do so. Here are just a few:

  • Record their stories. Sadly, many veterans of foreign wars have now passed on. However, for the ones that do remain throughout the United States, their stories should be heard for the generation to come. One of the best things you can do to celebrate veterans you know is to start to record their stories. Ask a veteran if you can interview them over the phone, email, or even Zoom, since we are still trying to be socially distant. If they would like to talk about their experiences and thoughts from their service, record their talk on a video and audio source (with their permission, of course) and share that story where others can see it. The experiences of these brave men and women should get recorded and remembered for generations to come.
  • Contact a nursing home, Veterans Administration hospital, or another outlet with service members. Many of these locations are full of veterans who could use some virtual company or a helping hand at this time of year. See if there’s anything you can do with one of these local outlets to spend quality time with veterans through video chats or see if these services could use volunteer support (especially with the holidays coming up).
  • Hire veterans. One crucial and overlooked part of Veterans Day? Don’t forget about the younger veterans that are out there in the workforce. If you’re in the position where you have power over hiring at your organization, be sure to emphasize searching for qualified veterans to fill open roles. There are plenty of veterans out there who have recently re-entered the workforce, and many of them are on the lookout for steady and productive work. They also have the type of technical and collaborative skills that would make them prime candidates for positions in any organization. Be sure to make an effort to reach out to veterans to fill open positions. Another suggestion for employers? If your veterans in the office are comfortable with it, make an effort to recognize their service during this time of year.

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  • Donate to a charity that supports veterans. If you’re looking for a great place to make your charitable contribution for the year, search out one of the many excellent charities that are out there for veterans. There are dozens of highly-rated charities that support wounded troops, military social services, and military families (among many other causes). Even a little contribution to one of these superb charities around the country can have an enormous impact on the lives of many of our veterans and their families.
  • Visit a cemetery to pay tribute. Your local cemetery is another place where you can show your support and respect for the lives of veterans. Take a trip to the final resting spot for many veterans and decorate graves (you can usually tell veterans graves by the placement of an American flag or some other marker) with flowers, flags, or other materials to honor them. Many of these graves may not have had this type of service performed for many years. It’s a beautiful act of remembrance.

As we sit back, reflect, and commemorate this Veterans Day, it’s also important to remember another sobering fact about the lives of veterans in the United States. Sadly, many of these brave men and women have addiction problems – whether it be to drugs, alcohol, or other substances. The high-stress jobs and traumatic experiences servicemen and women of all different services face makes them susceptible to a unique range of serious problems that can manifest themselves in addictions. Those problems can have unfortunate consequences for their lives and the lives of friends and family around them.

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